Sublime Text 3配置php语法错误提示插件PHPCS (windows7环境)

下载php code sniffer插件安装包 地址;
解压安装包得到sublime-phpcs-master,把sublime-phpcs-master文件夹放到sublime安装目录下的Data/Packages/目录下;重启sublime, 打开Sublime Text 3->Preferences->Package Settings -> Php Code Sniffer 证明插件安装成功;

下载php-cs-fixer.phar 地址 ;

把php-cs-fixer.phar 放到你的 php.exe 安装目录 (例如(mine is C:/WAMP/php/php.exe));

下载,解压,然后找到scripts目录下的phpcs.bat,放到php.exe 安装目录;

解压打开 第一步下载的php code sniffer安装包,在子文件example-settings下有个文件
windows-7-phpcs-fixer-linter.example 就是Sublime Text 3 在windows7配置 PHPCS 的样例,还有一个nix-all-commands.example是在linux/unix环境下的配置样例;

以下就是 windows-7-phpcs-fixer-linter.example 的配置内容,
打开你的 Sublime Text 3->Preferences->Package Settings -> Php Code Sniffer -> Settings – User ,复制 windows-7-phpcs-fixer-linter.example 的内容到配置文件phpcs.sublime-settings,然后修改对应的php.exe路径,
设置都改成你本地环境下的php安装路径,保存,重启Sublime Text 3

    // Path to php on windows installation
    // This is needed as we cannot run phars on windows, so we run it through php
    "phpcs_php_prefix_path": "D:\\wamp64\\bin\\php\\php5.6.25\\php.exe",

    // This is the path to the bat file when we installed PHP_CodeSniffer
    "phpcs_executable_path": "D:\\wamp64\\bin\\php\\php5.6.25\\phpcs.bat",

    // PHP-CS-Fixer settings
    // Don't want to auto fix issue with php-cs-fixer
    "php_cs_fixer_on_save": false,

    // Show the quick panel
    "php_cs_fixer_show_quick_panel": true,

    // The fixer phar file is stored here:
    "php_cs_fixer_executable_path": "D:\\wamp64\\bin\\php\\php5.6.25\\php-cs-fixer.phar",

    // PHP Linter settings
    // Yes, lets lint the files
    "phpcs_linter_run": true,

    // And execute that on each file when saved (php only as per extensions_to_execute)
    "phpcs_linter_command_on_save": true,

    // Path to php
    "phpcs_php_path": "D:\\wamp64\\bin\\php\\php5.6.25\\php.exe",

    // Path to where you have the phpcbf installed
    "phpcbf_executable_path": "D:\\wamp64\\bin\\php\\php5.6.25\\phpcbf.bat",

    // This is the regex format of the errors
    "phpcs_linter_regex": "(?P<message>.*) on line (?P<line>\\d+)",

    // PHP Mess Detector settings
    // Not turning on the mess detector here
    "phpmd_run": false,
    "phpmd_command_on_save": false,
    "phpmd_executable_path": "",
    "phpmd_additional_args": {}

重启Sublime Text 3,打开php程序,语法错误提示如下图:

安装使用 sublime-phpcs 插件指南